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Primarily specialising in all aspects of music industry design we now evolved to encompass all features of design and art. With over 20 years of experience we have worked closely with many artists, labels, festivals and other companies offering them a high level professional service.
We also started booking activity to use our experience to help young exceptional artists to play concerts worldwide.

Born in 1971, PIOTR PUCYŁO from early years has been interested in art and cultures of the world. During his studies he focused on different aspects of the marriage between tradition and modernity both in music and fine arts. He found digital art to be the best form for transferring the past into the present.
The majority of his works are a kind of collage using digitally processed monochromatic photographs, vector graphics and different kinds of drawings.
His works are characterised by the simplicity of colours as well as special textures - the effect is achieved through unique techniques, invented by Pucyło.

He takes inspiration from ethnic culture and uses his experience on music and graphic market to design record covers and packagings, posters, flyers, catalogues for labels and artists releasing mainly world music, ethnic, folk as he perfectly understands this genre.

PIOTR PUCYŁO is also an international music industry professional with over 20 years experience working as a producer, booker, project coordinator, promoter, journalist and is the co-founder and longtime artistic director of legendary Polish world music label – Orange World. In 2005, he co-founded GLOBALTICA World Cultures Festival – now one of the biggest and best world music festivals in Poland – he is programming and artistic director of this exceptional event.
Reflecting on folk tradition Pucyło considers himself to be a renderer rather than an artist. As he puts it:

„An artist creates from scratch, I produce my own contemporary vision of the world incorporating and combining elements of folk art and culture, which were not created by me. I simply look at them in a different, but at the same time, my own way.”

He has stayed faithful to the heart of music, dedicated to art but at the same time committed to his clients and their targets.

His works have been exhibited and published in Poland, Germany, Norway, France, Bulgaria, USA, UK, Mali.

The design studio and booking agency range of services includes:
compact discs and vinyl records covers & packaging design, brochures, reports, books, magazines, press & outdoor advertising
art direction, brand & identity development, concept development, campaign material, logo design, packaging, exhibition

design strategy & insights, photography, print production, project management

concerts, tours, artists management, exhibitions
All rights reserved. (C) Piotr Pucylo, 2016
T: +48 606457012, E: info@piotrpucylo.com, www.piotrpucylo.com
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